Aborigine Bark Painting

Feiyu Wang

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B. 1969 live and work in Guangdong, China.



  • 1992 Diploma of Fine Arts at China Academy of Fine Arts

  • 2008 Master of Fine Arts at Beijing Fine Art Academy

Member of China Artist Association

Member of Guangdong Artist Association

About Feiyu Wang

Selected Exhibitions

2020 Guangdong Exhibition For Oil Paintings

2020 Shenzhen Oil Painting Biennale

2019 National Exhibition of Fine Arts

2018 National Oil Paintings Exhibition

2018 West China Exhibition of Visual Arts

2018 Shenzhen Watercolour Biennale

2017 National Oil Paintings Exhibition

2015 National Exhibition of Oil Paintings and Chinese Paintings

2014 Taishan National Landscape Watercolour Exhibition

2013 Guangdong Visual Arts Exhibition



2017, 2015, 2013 Gold Prize - Jiangmen Creative Award

2015 Best Painting Prize - National Exhibition of Oil Paintings and Chinese Paintings

2013 Silver Prize - Guangdong Visual Arts Exhibition



2020 Guangdong Museum of Arts collected

2019 Heshan Tiefu Museum of Arts collected

2019 Jiangmen Museum of Arts collected

2017 China Artist Association collected

2015 China Artist Association collected

2014 China Artist Association collected


About The Artist

When Wang moved to Heshan in 1993, he soon fell for this suburban countryside in the far south of China. The migration of adapting to a brand new lifestyle and environment was challenging for Wang, who grew up in Hangzhou city. Wang was captivated by the sincerity of the locals and the humbleness of the land he would yet explore. Here, Wang took the opportunity to present and transition to the en Plein air approach, taking inspiration from Realism and Romanticism.

The artist himself later says, “You can improve your technique by constantly practising; however, to express one’s interpretation through realistic painting. It takes a lot of time to research and contemplate… from the choice of colour that presents the local vibe and my style explicitly.” Wang’s practice focuses on his personal experience with the scenes he painted, using different brushstroke techniques that captured fleeting and routine moments.

Although Wang had been considered an established artist, he never stopped exploring. Wang made countless trips across China and Europe to continuously refine and redefine his style and technique. Wang’s practice uses oil paints — traditionally associated with the west — for its peerless ability to capture the Chinese landscape, presenting to the world harmony of cultures through the Eastern definition of the Western medium.